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Our residential installations


Over the years we're assisted countless homes with their air treatment needs. Here's a gallery of some of our residential installations.

Their accounts of our service


I would like to thank you and your guys for the outstanding professionalism in workmanship that your company performed on my heating system. (They) were meticulous in their work and it showed in the finished product.

Brad Slogget

Roseneath, Ontario

Recently I had encountered serious furnace problems. Further investigation revealed that really the furnace, air conditioner and main duct had been poorly installed in our crawl space which is wet in the spring. Ken Layton and his crew took care of everything for us, including a new furnace, main duct and gas line. They were always on time, worked very hard, were polite, took the time to explain everything to me, and worked with me to keep our costs down.

Mark & Donna Price

Hastings, Ontario

Buying an old Victorian, in disrepair, meant replacing the old rusting furnace and air conditioning. Ken and his team of knowledgeable professionals installed a modern, energy-efficient system with such care and good humour that it convinced me to have them replace my boiler, hot water and radiator systems. The hydronic manifolds for my in-floor heating are true works of art.

Linda Kelly

Campbellford, Ontario

Five years ago we bought ground source heating, even though we couldn’t afford it.  Our thinking was that the system would be low maintenance and would require fewer of our limited resources to support us in retirement.

It worked great until the first winter.  The installer came numerous times to try to make the system work right.  We got fed up with his evident lack of competence and we eventually had two other companies come out to try and resolve the problems with our system which would function only intermittently.  For five years we had to mainly use electricity. 

Kenetic Energy Ltd. agreed to come out and have a look.  The first thing they did was ask for the schematics and we were impressed at their skill in reading them and quickly resolving the problem.  They had our system up and running in no time and it has been running well ever since.

We highly recommend Kenetic!

Russet & Ralph Preston

Havelock, Ontario

It was a pleasure having your crews here.  It’s nice to see people who work on a professional level.  They did a good job.  A big thank you to you all.

Lou Beauchamp

Warkworth, ON

Thanks to (your team) for doing such a great job! They were lots of fun!


Michelle & Dave Noble

Colborne, Ontario 

On July 12th of this year, my basement was flooded and I didn’t know why. A friend went downstairs to check out the ANCIENT FURNACE to see if the air conditioner was the problem since it was running that day. He thought that the water was coming from the A/C unit and it had something to do with the pump.

So another friend who lives in the Cordova Mines area said that she had used Kenetic Energy in the past and thought I should give them a call. How lucky for us to have a company based locally. Usually when we need help out here in the boonies, we have to call a company in the city and that will include a fairly large travelling fee and long waits for help. So I called Kenetic Energy around 3:00 pm and told Ken Layton what I thought the problem was. I was thinking I might get it repaired in a couple of days. He told me that within maybe 2 hours, one of the technicians would be on his way home and going right past my house. He would stop in and he did. About 5:30 pm (they) knocked on my door, a smart, personable and knowledgeable young man and listened to my concerns. He knew right away before even looking at it. He went out to his truck and came back with the RIGHT SIZE PUMP and took it downstairs and had it installed in a very short time. The cost was very reasonable and best of all – IT WORKED. I was very happy. Problem solved without anymore frustration.

Bonnie Cole

Havelock, Ontario

Kenetic Energy installed an air source heat pump. The installers were on time, professional, neat and clean. The quote came in exactly as agreed upon. The warranties on the equipment itself and on Kenetic's labour warranty are great as well. Thanks Kenetic Energy!


W. Murdoch

Warkworth, Ontario

Both crews of guys that came were very professional and knowledgeable of their trade, and were informative and courteous. Nice guys. As far as my wife and I are concerned, all our maintenance, repairs, or installations, will be coming directly to you. We appreciate the kind of customer service your outfit supplies. Thanks again. 


Pete & Kim Zevenhoven

Havelock, Ontario

Downsizing into a home with a heating and cooling system completely foreign to me I was referred to Kenetic Energy by a friend and have been completely reassured by their attentiveness to detail and patience dealing with my inexperience. Thank you Ken and Mike. I have no qualms about referring Kenetic to anyone who will listen.

Diana B

Campbellford, Ontario

On Saturday we bought a new gas range and hauled it home. Monday morning at 9:00 AM I phoned my heating and cooling company, Kenetic Energy, to schedule a hookup. Ken and his son Michael were here within an hour with all necessary tools and pipe and fittings for the installation. Michael quickly made a best pipe routing plan and went to work. Meanwhile Ken helped me remove the old stove to next door though the snow, unload and unpack the gleaming new gas range, and assemble it in our kitchen. By this time the pipe team had the tubes and valves neatly in place and proceeded to do the final hookup to the range. After a thorough test for any leaks with some high tech sniffer devices it was time to cook lunch on our new stove. The Kenetic Energy Team were neat and tidy in their work and a pleasure to have in our home. Highly recommended. Thanks guys.


David & Nellie Smith

Campbellford, Ontario

Totally satisfied with the service on our water heater, prompt,
courteous, pleasant, professional - (the technicians) are excellent ambassadors for your business.

Barbara & Bill

Warkworth, Ontario

Yes indeed, we are completely satisfied with our new fireplace. We cannot believe how much heat it throws out, unbelievable. It is such a great improvement over what we had before. It was a pleasure to have your crew at work in our home. They are all so pleasant, personable and considerate, a real delight to have around. They always left everything clean and tidy. You can be very proud of them all. Mike is a perfectionist and we could not believe how he even made sure to
touch up a little scratch (we could not even see it), before he left. We feel that the new gas fireplace is a real asset to our home and will definitely be a selling point when we finally downsize. We appreciate how the work was done in such a professional and efficient manner. We will gladly recommend Kenetic Energy Ltd. to anyone. Also many thanks, our heat pump is working like it never has since it was installed. We cannot thank you all enough for the improvement you have made to our home.

Art & Sherron Bertrand

Campbellford, Ontario

I was impressed again by your company’s dedication to me as a customer. Thank you for that. And (the worker's) knowledge and engagement was quite evident. I was, once again, quite taken by (their) work. I will continue to tell anybody that asks, that I feel you guys are the best HVAC people around.  So I can, and do, continue to highly recommend your company’s work and your staff.

Brian Wawrykow

Campbellford, Ontario

Since owning our home, we have upgraded to a high efficiency furnace and had to replace our oil tank. When our furnace dealer sold his business, we had several service people come to our home but my husband wasn’t pleased. He heard about Kenetic Energy Ltd and spoke to Ken Layton, the owner, who agreed to service us. In 2016 it became necessary to replace the oil tank again. As the furnace was 22 years old and beginning to have problems, Mr. Layton suggested going with propane. He arranged for the propane tanks and installation. Over the years of servicing us there have been several different employees all of which have been very polite, helpful and a pleasure to have in my home. These two gentlemen were no different. They went about removing the old furnace, joking with each other but getting the job done. The new furnace was installed and the propane tanks relocated to accommodate ventilation. All of this was done on the Monday. Tuesday morning the new furnace was hooked up to the existing duct work. Mike then explained the controls and settings to me. I would highly recommend Kenetic Energy Ltd owner Ken Layton and trust him and every one of his employees in my home. They are truly a great group of men, very knowledgeable in their jobs and get the work done as quickly as possible. Thank you gentlemen.


Thelma Sharpe

Havelock, Ontario

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