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Spring Cleaning for your Air Conditioner

air conditioner service and cleaning

Spring has sprung in Trent Hills and we’ve had our first taste of those warmer temperatures. Summer is just around the corner! Now is the perfect time to schedule your air conditioning cleaning and service appointment so you’ll be ready when the summer heat arrives.

We recommend that you service your AC every year to keep it running at its best efficiency, and also to identify and repair any small issues before they turn into bigger - and potentially costly – issues. Spring is the ideal time, before hot weather begins.

Our trained service technicians will inspect both the indoor and the outdoor unit for dirt and debris as well as signs of wear or damage. Dust and dirt tends to accumulate in the condensing coils and air filters – areas that affect the effect the efficiency of the unit. If left neglected, this buildup will hinder the unit’s ability to effectively cool your home. A clean air conditioner runs efficiently, and you’ll see the savings on your energy bills.

The technician will also inspect all of the internal parts including motors, belts, circuits, safety controls, drain line, condensate pump, caps and valves. They will measure the coolant levels, check for leaks and top up the coolant if necessary.

Regular AC maintenance will result in a more reliable unit with fewer breakdowns and repairs. It also keeps your AC running efficiently and extends the life of the unit, which means savings for you.

Kenetic Energy Ltd has been looking after home comfort needs in the Trent Hills area for more than 20 years, contact us today to schedule your AC service appointment.

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